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The Council’s Policy Center publications include a textbook, research monographs, issue briefs, seminar abstracts and the CNC newsletter, “The Council Letter”.

  • A Demographic Profile of Cuban Americans (2002)
  • Suicide in Miami and Cuba (1998)
  • El Suicidio en Miami y en Cuba (1998)
  • Latino Poverty in the United States (1998)
  • Atlas – Puerto Rico (1997)
  • Residential Segregation by Socioeconomic Class in Metropolitan Miami: 1990 (1996)
  • The Concept of Neighborhoods (1996)
  • The Economic Impact of Spanish Language Proficiency in Metropolitan Miami (1996)
  • Attitudes of Blacks Towards Housing Discrimination in Metropolitan Miami (1996)
  • CNC Newsletter Quarterly
  • Recent Facts About Cuban Americans (1995)
  • The Cuban Balseros: Voyage of Uncertainty (1995)
  • Hispanic National Groups in Metropolitan Miami (1995)
  • Miami Ethnic Neighborhoods Field Trip Guide (1994)
  • Summit of the Americas: Issues to be Discussed (1994)
  • Summit of the Americas: Advantages, Benefits, and Opportunities for Greater Miami (1994)
  • Recommendations for the United States Government Measurements of Race and Ethnicity (1994)
  • A Demographic Profile of Cuban Americans (1994)
  • The Cubanization and Hispanicization of Metropolitan Miami (1994)
  • The Academic Performance of Hispanics in Florida Public Schools (1994)
  • Ethnic Segregation in Greater Miami: 1980-1990 (1992)
  • Housing Needs of the Hispanic Elderly in Greater Miami (1992)
  • Laws and Politics in Florida’s Redistricting (1992)
  • Ethnic Block Voting and Polarization in Miami (1991)
  • The Challenge of Education: No Time to Waste, No Room For Failure (1990)
  • The Elusive Decade of Hispanics (1989)
  • Miami’s Latin Businesses (1988)
  • America’s English Need Not Divide Nor Censor (1988)
  • Freedom of Speech in Miami (1988)
  • Miami Mosaic: Ethnic Relations in Dade County (1987)


The Cuban American Experience:  Issues, Perception, and Realities, pp 145, by Guarione M. Diaz, CNC, President & CEO. 

This book is a clear concise summary of the Cuban’s experience in the U.S.   It contains statistics as well as historical information about the Cuban American identity, the relations of Cuban Americans with other U.S. Hispanics, and the impact of three generations of Cuban Americans in the U.S.  The last chapter travels the avenues into post Castro’s Cuba. 

The author, a graduate of St. Francis College and Columbia University, has written and edited several publications and was the U.S. Civilian Liaison at our Naval Base in Guantanamo, Cuba in 1994-95. 

For information and orders, please contact Cris Santana (305) 642-3484, ext. 133 • 


The Atlas of Puerto Rico, pp 200. 

This publication was the first Atlas exclusively about Puerto Rico’s physical and social geography and the first bilingual atlas in English and Spanish in the world. 

It was written by Professor Angel David Cruz Baez, University of Puerto Rico and Professor Thomas Boswell of University of Miami, and edited by Guarione M. Diaz. 

The Atlas analyzes the Island’s population and geography with the help of state of the art techniques, cartographic systems computerized maps, satellite imagery and statistical analysis. 

For information and orders, please contact Cris Santana (305) 642-3484, ext. 133 •